iClock, one of the oldest Mac apps, has been completely rewritten from the ground up and updated for macOS Mojave 10.14.4. With its modern, productivity-boosting time management tools, iClock is more than a suitable replacement for Apple’s spartan clock in macOS.

Whereas Apple’s menu bar clock only displays time and date, iClock put a wealth of powerful capabilities right into your Mac’s menu bar. Just click the menu bar icon for instant access to the current time and date, moon phase, weather, world clocks, timers and what not.

Your calendars and the current moon phase, in the menu bar

You can customize your time and date format in the app’s settings, including picking a custom color and a custom typeface and font size for the menu bar item.

World clocks, as many as you need

In addition to the world clock and the current time, iClock lets you set a bunch of custom alarms, timers, stop watches and countdowns (i.e. x days left until WWDC 2019).

Setting a countdown timer for WWDC 2019

A Take 5 feature (a special “pomodoro” timer) lets you take quick breaks from work. Heck, iClock even lets you see and copy your IP address and use a global scheduler to find the perfect time to bring participants in different time zones on a call.

Custom alarms in iClock for Mac

These features, and many more, are all instantly available from your Mac’s menu bar globally via a simple and intuitive user interface. The software ships with a few nicely designed chime sounds for your custom alarms and supports automatic Dark/Light mode on macOS Mojave.

Get reminded to take a quick break from work

It’s cool that your clocks can be made to float on top of all other windows, which is tremendously useful if your work is global and you need to know times in major cities.

The date difference calculator and floating clocks on the desktop

Last but not least, iClock packs in support for Apple and Google calendar events, lets you schedule meetings and even create printable personalized calendars with photos.

iClock is probably the most customizable clock app for Mac

Having a bunch of time-related features at one’s disposal will especially appeal to power uses, bloggers, managers, students, companies and just about anyone who depends on and works within time. Best of all, you can try out all that iClock has to offer free for 14 days.

iClock is available for $18 a pop as a direct download or through Mac App Store. If you prefer to download iClock through Mac App Store, you can either buy the app outright for $18 or get a $0.99 per month subscription version that includes a free 14-day trial.

To learn more, visit the official iClock website.