Hulu has slashed the price of its ad-supported plan, making the service more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

It’s not all good news, however: Hulu’s Live TV plan, which offers access to more than 60 top channels live and on-demand, is now more expensive. The ad-free Hulu and Hulu + Spotify plans have not been changed.

Hulu looks to be capitalizing on the recent price increases for Netflix subscribers by offering even more affordable plans. As long as you don’t mind watching a few adds, gaining access to Hulu is now incredibly cheap.

Hulu now starts at just $5.99 a month

The ad-supported Hulu plan is now just $5.99 a month — down from $7.99. It provides access to all the Hulu content you get with the ad-free Hulu subscription, priced at $11.99, but your content will be accompanied by ads.

Hulu has also cut the price of its DVR and multiscreen add-ons, which now each cost $9.99 a month — down from $14.99 a month. You can claim the two together for just $14.98 a month.

The Hulu + Spotify combo, which, as the name suggests, provides access to Hulu and Spotify, remains $12.99 a month. Hulu Live TV, on the other hand, will now cost you $44.99 a month — up from $39.99.

The best live TV

Hulu says these changes will allow it to “continue delivering the best live and on-demand TV experience for you.”

The price increase for Live TV follows the addition of new channels, enhanced features, and an expanded streaming library over the past year. The Live TV plan now provides access to more than 85,000 TV episodes and movies.

Subscribers will see the price changes during the first billing cycle as of February 26, Hulu says. To change your plan, or to cancel your subscription, visit your Account page on the Hulu website.