Your HomePod speaker is even smarter than you probably realized.

You probably bought your Apple HomePod to play music and perhaps listen to your favorite podcasts. Did you also know the Siri-based speaker does a great job of helping you to find your iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad? Here’s how to do it.

Note: I’m using iPhone screenshots to illustrate the Siri interactions of the commands, but you can use Hey, Siri, directly to your HomePod to achieve these results.

How to use Apple HomePod to find your missing device

You must first turn on Find My iPhone on your devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Once you do, you can find those devices using Apple HomePod and Siri by just using your voice. From there, the missing device will begin to ring until you pick it up and stop the chime from playing.

  • Give a command like "Where’s my iPhone" or "Play a sound on my iPhone."

Tip: If you have more than one iPhone connected to Find My iPhone, Siri will ask you to identify which handset you need found. The same goes for the rest of your devices.

  • Give a command like "Where’s my Apple Watch?"

  • Give a command like "Find My Mac"

On the missing Mac, you’ll see a pop-up message indicating that Find My iPhone has been activated. Click on it to delete the message.

What about AirPods?

Currently, you cannot use Siri on HomePod to find AirPods. Hopefully, Apple introduces this functionality with a future software release.

Which commands are your favorite on Apple HomePod?

Let us know in the comments below how you like to use Siri on HomePod!

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