Find My iPhone on Apple TV

The Find My iPhone app is terrific for locating your device when you can’t. And you can use it from another device, on the web with, or with your HomePod to find your iPhone. But did you know you can also use it with your Apple TV?

So, if you’re hanging out watching a movie or playing a game on Apple TV and suddenly wonder where your iPhone, iPad, or even your Mac went, here’s how to use Apple TV to find your device.

Find your device with Apple TV

Locating your device with Apple TV is as simple as a Siri command. Hold down the Microphone button on your Siri remote and say “Find my iPhone.”

Siri will then ping your iPhone with a sound and let you know if it’s nearby and is being pinged.

When you find your iPhone, you’ll see an alert. Tap it and then tap OK to stop the pinging sound.

Find My iPhone Alert and Notification

You can find your iPad or Mac the same way; say “Find my iPad” or “Find my Mac.” Then when you locate it, just tap or click the alert you see on your device.

Find My Mac Alert

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Wrapping it up

When your iPhone ends up in your kid’s room or your Macbook is hiding under the bed, finding your device is easy with Apple TV.

What do you find Siri most helpful for on Apple TV? Do you check sports, look for movies, or get the weather? Let us know!