Conference Room Display Apple TV

If you use an Apple TV in a business setting or classroom, Conference Room Display mode is ideal. Rather than showing the home screen of the Apple TV when you turn it on, you’ll see instructions for how to connect via AirPlay, a custom message, and a background that you choose.

The AirPlay instructions are convenient for companies and the message and background are great for school settings.

If you’d like to give this feature a try, here’s how to use Apple TV Conference Room Display mode.

Enable and customize the Conference Room Display

Open the Settings on your Apple TV and then do the following.

1) Click AirPlay > Conference Room Display.

2) Then, click Conference Room Display again on the next screen to turn it on.

Turn On Conference Room Display Apple TV

Now, you can customize the display with these options:

Require PIN Every Time: If you turn this on, anyone connecting to the Apple TV using AirPlay will be asked to enter the PIN that displays on the TV.

Enter AirPlay Code for Apple TV

Preview: This is just a quick preview of what the display will look like.

Custom Message: At the bottom of the box containing the AirPlay instructions, you can show a message such as “Welcome”.

Custom Message Conference Room Display Apple TV

Select Photo: Choose one of Apple’s photos or your own to show as the background for the Conference Room Display.

Photos Conference Room Display Apple TV

3) When you finish customizing the display, restart your Apple TV. Go to Settings > System > Restart.

Now when your Apple TV comes back on and when you turn it on each time after, the Conference Room Display will appear on the screen instead of the home screen.

To access the home screen, just click the Menu button on your remote.

Wrapping it up

The Conference Room Display mode for Apple TV is a handy feature. Do you have an Apple TV in a business or school setting that could benefit from this mode? Let us know if you plan to use it!