Setting an alarm can be extremely helpful. Besides helping you wake up at the right time, if you have to pick someone up or run an errand at a certain time, an alarm you can save time or prevent a mistake. Here’s how to set an alarm in your iPhone or iPad’s Clock app. 

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I use an iPhone alarm to wake up in the morning, here’s an example of how I set it:

  • Open the Clock app.

  • Select Alarm at the bottom. Then tap the + in the upper right corner.

  • Use the Clock wheel to choose what time your alarm will go off.

  • Tap Repeat to select which days you want the alarm for, then tap Back at the upper left corner. If it’s just this once, leave it on the default Never.

  • Tap Label to give your alarm a custom name. For example, Wake Up For Work. Tap Back when you’re done.

  • Tap Sound to choose an alarm noise and then tap Back.

  • Select whether you want Snooze enabled by toggling it on or off. Now that your alarm is set to your preferences, tap Save at the upper right corner.

  • If you want to change something about an alarm, tap Edit at the top left and then select the alarm you want to change.

Now you set an alarm in the Clock app for whatever you like.

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