Apple’s woven nylon band for Apple Watch is definitely a thing of beauty and minimalism, but the price can be a bit expensive for most. Fortunately, there are plenty of good alternatives out there that definitely won’t break your bank! Here are some of the best ones we’ve rounded up.

Affordable quality

INTENY Woven Nylon Fabric Replacement Band

INTENY’s woven nylon band replicates the Apple look for a fraction of the price. The band comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes and a ton of color options are available, including many of the seasonal Apple colors. The nylon is high quality material and it’s designed to prevent the thread from coming loose.

$11 at Amazon

Practical yet classy

Carterjett Nylon Apple Watch Band

If practicality is the name of the game, then Carterjett is the band you want. It comes in a variety of solid colors and stripes that are neutral, and the material is not stiff or scratchy. It also comes in sizes to fit all models of Apple Watch: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm.

$22 at Amazon

Stripes, stripes everywhere!

Pantheon Nylon Apple Watch Band

For those who love stripes and patterns, Pantheon has you covered. These bands feature a myriad of different striped patterns and color combinations, and you can choose between 38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm sizes. The stainless steel clasp gives it a touch of class, but it’s highly affordable.

$12 at Amazon

Elegant mix of fabric and leather

Secbolt Canvas Apple Watch Band

When you want something that looks unique and elegant, you’ll want to check out the Secbolt Canvas Apple Watch band. It’s unique with the mix of canvas fabric on the exterior of the band and genuine stitched leather on the underside. This band is perfect for both the everyday and professional you, especially with the neutral color options, though there is also pink. It comes in 42mm and 44mm sizes.

$13 at Amazon

Lightweight and breathable

SYRE Nylon Sport Band

These nylon sport bands from SYRE are made of a soft and lightweight nylon material that won’t irritate your skin even during an intense workout. Like the Apple version, this nylon sport band has a hook-and-loop fastener that makes it easy to adjust, and it comes in plenty of color options. You can get this one in both 38/40mm or 42/44mm sizes, and you can’t beat the price.

$7 at Amazon

Highly rated

amBand Nylon Sport Loop Apple Watch Band

This woven nylon sport band from amBand is highly rated on Amazon, with over 1400 reviews. The band is made of a high quality double-layered nylon material that’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. The connector is also durable and will last for more than 500 uses, while allowing you to get the perfect fit. There’s a ton of colors to choose from and it’s compatible with all models and sizes of Apple Watch.

$10 at Amazon

Be bold

MoKo Woven Nylon Apple Watch Band

These woven nylon bands from MoKo are sure to make a statement when you wear them. They’re made from a premium nylon material and come in a handful of bright and bold colored stripe designs that are sure to make heads turn. They’re comfortable to wear and quite durable, plus the price is right. MoKo’s nylon band comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes.

$8 at Amazon

Show off your rainbow pride

ViCRiOR Rainbow Woven Nylon NATO Band

This NATO-style band from ViCRiOR comes in a rainbow coloring that is similar to Apple’s first Pride Edition band. The high quality nylon material features vertical stripes for every color of the rainbow in the proper order, and stainless steel clasps. It comes in 38mm and 42mm size options.

$10 at Amazon

Lots of choice

HILIMNY Soft Nylon Sport Loop

The HILIMNY nylon sport loop is made from a soft and comfortable nylon material. The hook-and-loop fastener is similar to Apple’s own design and ensures that you’ll always get the perfect fit every time. There are plenty of colors to pick from, and it will work with all models and sizes of Apple Watch. Plus, you can bulk-purchase this band to save even more dough while having a ton of options to pick from when you want to change it up.

$11-$36 at Amazon

As you can see, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives on Amazon if you want that sleek woven nylon look without making a huge dent in your bank account. Out of these options, we’d personally go with the HILIMNY Soft Nylon Sport Band, because you can purchase a 6-pack of bands at once to match with all of your outfits, and it’s quite a bargain!

February 2019: Updated with brand new options that are currently available.

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