Getting lyrics to a song you love is easy with apps, iTunes, or even Google. The problem is, if you’re already listening to the song, you need to search through the lyrics you find to the part of the song that’s currently playing. Not always helpful, is it?

If you use Shazam to identify songs you’re listening to, you can also use it to get real-time lyrics. This means with a tap you can be taken directly to the lyrics at that exact part of the song. In addition, the lyrics scroll as the song plays. So, you can sing along easier than ever.

Here’s how to get real-time song lyrics with Shazam.

Get Shazam song lyrics

When the song is playing that you want the real-time lyrics for, open Shazam.

1) Tap the great big button to Shazam the song. This is the same button you use to identify a song.

2) When the song screen opens, tap Lyrics as the top.

3) Next, tap See Full Lyrics. You’ll also notice on this screen that the current lyric for the song is displayed.

4) Now, you’ll be on the real-time song lyrics screen and can sing to your heart’s content as the lyrics scroll. You can manually scroll up to get lyrics you missed or down to see what’s coming up. This is handy if you’re curious about a particular song lyric.

While you’re on the real-time lyrics screen, you can share the song using the arrow at the top right.

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Wrapping it up

Having the lyrics to a song you enjoy not only lets you sing along (with the correct words) but also lets you get more value out of the song. You know the message that the artist is sending with their music.

Are you going to use this handy Shazam feature for real-time lyrics? Let us know! And if you have tips or suggestions for using the Shazam app, feel free to share below or ping us on Twitter.