The Reading List feature in Safari is handy for saving web pages that you want to read later. You can save them in Safari on both iOS and Mac so that you can access them anywhere. What makes the Reading List feature even better is that you can read your items even when you have no internet connection.

In order to take advantage of this, you’ll need to enable the offline feature. This tutorial shows you how to do this and then add and access Safari Reading list items to read offline on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Enable the Safari offline reading feature

Enable offline reading on iPhone and iPad

1) Open your Settings app and select Safari.

2) Scroll down to Reading List and turn on the toggle for Automatically Save Offline.

Enable offline reading on Mac

1) Open Safari and click Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Choose the Advanced tab.

3) Next to Reading List, check the box for Save articles for offline reading automatically.

Add pages to your Safari Reading List

Add pages on iPhone and iPad

1) While in Safari on a page you want to save, tap the Share button from the bottom.

2) Choose Add to Reading List in the pop-up window.

Add pages on Mac

While in Safari on a page you want to save, click the Bookmarks > Add to Reading List from the menu bar. You’ll notice that you have an option to save all of your open tabs if you like with the Add These X Tabs to Reading List feature.

Access your Safari Reading List

Access your Safari Reading List on iPhone and iPad

1) Open Safari and tap the Bookmarks button on the bottom.

2) Tap the Reading List option from the top which looks like a pair of glasses.

Access your Safari Reading List on Mac

Open Safari and click the Show sidebar button in your toolbar and the Reading List option or click View > Show Reading List Sidebar from the menu bar.

Accessing your Reading List on iOS and Mac is done in the same way whether you are connected to the internet or not. The difference is, you don’t have to worry about having a connection to read the pages you save.

Wrapping it up

Is the Safari Reading List feature something that you find useful? If so, do you plan to enable it for offline reading? If you do and change your mind later, it’s easy to turn it off as well as delete the Reading List items you have saved.