Are you curious if the second-hand iPhone you just acquired was bought brand new, replacement, refurbished, or personalized? Today, we’ll show you how you can find out in a few simple steps.

iPhones have been long regarded as one of the most expensive smartphones you can get in the market. But that’s with a good reason. As you know, iPhones really do survive the test of time, especially in software support. As long as the hardware was well taken care of, they have a good resale value.

You, as a second-hand buyer, may have resorted to a used iPhone because it is much cheaper. We won’t blame you since, while the device has been passed on, it should still look and function the same as if it was handed to you directly from a store. That’s assuming it doesn’t have any issues to begin with.


But just like any other products bought second-hand, there are things that you should check to see if the device is right within your preference.

In this article, we’ll show you if the used iPhone you got was bought by the first owner as brand new, refurbished, personalized, or is a replacement from Apple.

How to check if an iPhone is brand new, refurbished, replacement, or personalized

To check the status of your iPhone when it was bought, you should see its model number. The first letter on the model number corresponds to whether it was purchased brand new, refurbished, a replacement, or has been personalized.

You can see the steps below on how to check the model numbers and their meaning.


What does the first letter in iPhone model number mean?

As stated earlier, the first letter on the iPhone model number indicates the condition of the device when it was first had. You can check the meaning of the first letters below.

  • M — The device was purchased brand new.
  • F — It’s a refurbished device, which means that it was initially returned to Apple, rigorously repaired and checked, and has been sold back as a refurbished device.
  • N — This means that it is a replacement device. The first user may have had his iPhone repaired but was instead replaced with a newer unit due to a service request.
  • P — This means that the device was personalized with engraving, a feature usually available on the official Apple website.

How to find the iPhone model number to check if it’s new, refurbished, etc?

Step 1: Go to Settings.


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Step 2: Go to General.


Step 3: Tap About.


Step 4: The code is written in the “Model Number” section.


Aside from the iPhone itself, you may also find the model number printed on the back of the box it came with.

That’s it. Do you have any more questions? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help you out.

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