Best answer: Despite the fact that it’s a case that completely envelops your iPhone and seals against water and dust, calls made on the Catalyst are still as clear as your connection will allow.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case’s protection doesn’t get in the way of call quality

Looking at the Catalyst Waterproof Case, you might think that it could impact the quality of calls you make on your iPhone. But in fact, calls sound quite clear, assuming you have a decent cellular signal (or Wi-Fi, if your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling), and sound just like they would if the case wasn’t on your phone.

The Catalyst case uses what the company calls True Sound acoustic membranes. These membranes, along with the rest of the case’s protection, keep dirt and water away from the speakers and microphone on your iPhone while allowing sound to pass through without issue, keeping your calls clear.

Despite the lack of membranes for the phone’s earpiece, audio from the person to whom you are speaking comes through loud and clear as well. The front of the Catalyst case features an integrated touchscreen film that doesn’t impede sound as it protects your iPhone.

The Catalyst case is great for use with your speakers, too

As you might surmise, the Catalyst Waterproof case for the iPhone doesn’t just handle call audio well. The case lets you use your iPhone’s speaker and microphone for listening to music, voice messages, and more with compromising quality.

And if you need to record a message or voice memo, the case doesn’t get in the way of your voice coming through loud and clear.

Our pick

Catalyst Waterproof Case

Use your iPhone as you always would

While there are thicker, tougher cases out there, the Catalyst Waterproof case will keep your iPhone safe against most hazards that you’re likely to run into, without impeding the normal use of your iPhone.

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