Downhill Masters is a brand new racing game, set to arrive on the App Store sometime in the first half of 2019, in which you’ll help one of three different riders to launch a career as a mountain bike racer.

There’s Devito, a Chef, Marie, a Fashion Designer, and Steve, an Accountant. Each lives entirely different lives and specialize in a different area. Devito is huge and powerful, Marie likes to pull off tricks, and Steve likes to go fast.

Pick your favorite and it’s time to help them develop a brand new career in mountain bike racing. You’ll do so by racing through a variety of different racing modes.

There’s Challenge Mode, in which you and up to three others race through 50 different stages, and World Grand Prix. The latter challenges you to a bunch of 1 vs 1 races against 28 different opponents.

The riding system is pretty challenging. You’ll pedal to work up speed, drift around corners, and boost to speed on past the competition. If they get in your way, you can also barge them off the track.

Depending on your riding preferences, you’ll favor a different rider. Devito is all about nudging others out of the way, Marie loves to pull off tricks, and Steve is all about the speed.

There’s a bunch of different activities too that don’t involve racing. You’ll manage each of the rider’s lives by assisting them at work, developing a training regime for them, and customizing your outfits and gear.

You can also blow off some steam at home by performing recreational activities. Marie can enjoy yoga while Steve likes to play with drones.

There’s a ton of stuff to do in Downhill Masters, it’s arriving in the first half of 2019. You can head on over to Google Play right now to check it out too.