Hands-on With Every Hidden iOS 13 Feature (Video)

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jun 08, 2019 in iOS 13

iOS 13 Hidden Features Video

iOS 13 is the biggest release to the OS in years. It comes with a plethora of feature — both big and small. We have already had a look at 100+ new features in iOS 13 in a previous video. In this video, we have a look at all the small and hidden features in iOS 13.

Given the sheer number of features that iOS 13 comes with, it is likely that it will take users weeks, if not months, to discover all the small and big changes. We hope to change that with the below video.

Below is a quick overview at some of the hidden or relatively minor but important changes that Apple has introduced in iOS 13. You can find even more hidden features in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 here.

1. Take Full Page Screenshots in Safari

iOS 13 Full Page Screenshot

When you take a screenshot in Safari and tap on the preview box, you’ll see a new Full Page option at the top. Tap on it and you’ll be able to mark up and capture the entire page.

2. Automatically Close Tabs in Safari

Automatically Close Safari Tabs

If you have a lot of open tabs, you’ll see the option to automatically close tabs when you long press the Tabs icon. You can access this from Settings as well. When enabled, the feature will automatically close tabs that have not been viewed recently.

3. Triple Tap for Undo

Quickly tap thrice on the screen with three fingers to undo an action. To undo typing, you can swipe right with three fingers.

4. 3D Touch Feature on Older iPhones and iPad

It looks like 3D Touch is making way for Haptic Touch. Users as far back as iPhone SE are now able to access features like the Home screen app quick actions or Peek and Pop. This works on the iPad as well. What used to show up when a user would 3D Touch an element, now shows up with just a tap and hold (with haptic feedback).

5. Nested Folders for iOS devices

While this was always possible on macOS, it didn’t work on the iPhone and iPad. You can now create a nested folder structure on iOS and iPadOS device.

Discovered any other hidden feature in iOS 13 that’s not mentioned above? Drop a comment and share it with our readers!

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