It has been a long time since GT Advanced has been in the news, but here we are. The company that filed for bankruptcy many years ago is now being charged by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for misleading investors.

Specifically, it all falls back to sapphire glass for older iPhone models. If you’ll recall, GT Advanced had struck a deal with Apple to handle the production of sapphire glass. Back in 2013, the two companies agreed to work together, with Apple agreeing to advance upwards of $538 million to GT Advanced as long as the company was able to meet certain technical standards. By the time April of 2014 rolled around, however, it was clear that wasn’t happening.

As a result, Apple refused to dole out its final $139 million installment, and demanded payment from GT Advanced. However, the tricky part, and why the SEC is now charging GT Advanced, is in relation to an earnings call from GT Advanced in the second quarter of 2014. The company’s former CEO, Thomas Gutierrez, stated that the company was expected to hit the performance goals at the time. Gutierrez also said he expected Apple to deliver the final installment before the end of 2014.

Unfortunately for GT Advanced and Gutierrez, though, the company filed for bankruptcy in early October of 2014. Apple and GT Advanced parted ways officially a little bit later in the month, with the latter company selling off furnaces to repay the debt owed. And before the end of the month GT Advanced confirmed a pricey settlement with Apple.

GT Advanced did exit bankruptcy, and now it is a privately held company.

But, the SEC is now moving forward with charges against GT Advanced and former CEO Thomas Gutierrez for “significant investor harm”.

In February of 2015 it was reported that Apple was building a “global command center” in the bones of the former GT Advanced plant.

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