Kroger Pay aims to take on Apple Pay

Despite the fact that Apple Pay has expanded quite a bit throughout the United States, and globally, there are still several holdouts.

For instance, the grocery store chain, Kroger. This is one of the largest chains in the U.S., and certainly a primary target for Apple as a potential adopter of its own mobile payment option. However, it does not look like the Kroger Company has any plans on adding Apple Pay as a checkout option anytime soon.

WCPO is reporting on Wednesday that Kroger has just announced its own mobile payment option. You may be surprised, or not, to know that it’s called Kroger Pay. This is a QR code-based pay-by-phone option, which means to checkout at the local grocery store owned by Kroger you will need to have the front-end person scan your phone that’s presenting a QR code to be scanned. Along with paying for groceries, it will also provide access to customer loyalty cards as well.

The report indicates that Kroger has been working on its own mobile payment option for a couple of years now, further suggesting that the company has not been interested in adopting Apple Pay for at least that long. However, the company is not completely against using third-party options! In 2017, for example, the Kroger Company agreed to a deal with Chase Bank, and now Kroger stores (600 of them, at least) support Chase Pay at checkout.

And we can’t forget Walmart, certainly one of the biggest holdouts from Apple Pay support. That company launched Walmart Pay (these names are about as creative as possible, right?) back in 2015. Now, in 2019, despite the fact the retailer Target finally jumped on board, it doesn’t look like Walmart has any plans to do the same this year (or next for that matter).

[via WCPO]

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