Grid Wallpaper by developer Batbayar Batbaatar is a new app that makes it simple to create your own grid backdrops to use as custom wallpapers on your iPhone.

Grid Wallpaper is an extremely straightforward app.

It has no tabs nor separate screens so anyone should be able to use it the instant they open it. You start with a blank screen with three options alongside the bottom: Top, Grid and Save.

Not a lot of options in this app

Tap Grid to pull up an interface for choosing a desired shade to paint with: colors are found in a grid-like structure with each subsection providing different shades of the main color.

Choosing the color to paint with

Choose a color, then tap any empty square to tint it that color. Switch to another color to add some variety. Keep going until you’re satisfied with end results creation. Lastly, tap Top to select a custom hue for the iOS status bar or paint it black to hide the notch.

When Done, tap Save to store your finished creation in the Photos library.

This is my next wallpaper

From there, you can set it as your Lock or Home screen wallpaper by venturing into Settings → Wallpaper → Choose New Wallpaper. After selecting the image you just saved, select whether you’d like to use it for the Lock screen, the Home screen or both.

Look ma, no notch

Grid Wallpaper certainly isn’t cheap for what it does as there are other more affordable alternatives in App Store. But for what it does, you will appreciate the idea that you can create a grid and customize the color background behind some specific icons.

However, the developer needs to address some weird design choices.

For instance, there’s no button to clear the image and start over. You must instead force-quite the app in order to start with a blank slate. There’s also no option to set a custom grid size. And because Grid Wallpaper lacks a native iPad interface, you cannot really use it for the creation of grid-like structures that could serve as effective iPad wallpapers.

Here are some alternatives to Grid Wallpaper:

  • HPSTR—Hipster shapes and artistic wallpapers from Unsplash
  • Notcho—Create wallpapers that hide the notch
  • World View Wallpaper—Experience the world through your wallpaper
  • Wallpapers HD—Thousands of high-def walls
  • WLPPR—Mobile wallpapers made from satellite imagery

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Download Grid Wallpaper for $2 from App Store.