Upgrade your old phone.

Today on Woot you can choose between the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus refurbished and with a couple different available capacities. Each version has several color options as well. The prices start at $379.99 for the iPhone 8 64GB smartphone and go as high as $539.99 for the iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB. Woot promises they are in full working condition and the refurb will mostly be reflected in light physical wear and tear. They also come with a 90-day Woot warranty.

A brand new iPhone 8 costs as much as $599 from Apple and other retailers, and the 8 Plus with 256GB capacity goes for $849. You’re saving a ton of money with Woot’s deal for the sake of a few scratches.

This isn’t a deal for the early adopters… the people already planning to get in line for the iPhone XXIV. This is the deal for people like me who reluctantly upgrade as older phones slow down. I’m still rocking my iPhone 7, but I know there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade. Not the least of which is wireless charging, which was first introduced on the iPhone 8. Take a closer look at all the iPhone 8 adds to the conversation with our in-depth review.

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