Google Pixel 4 Will Come with a Rear Camera Bump Similar to iPhone 11

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jun 11, 2019 in Google Pixel 4, News

Thought the leaked iPhone 11 renders with the massive rear camera bump looked bad? Well, if leaked renders of the Pixel 4 are anything to go by, Google plans to follow in Apple’s steps and launch the handset with a similar squarish camera bump.

While it is confirmed that the iPhone 11 series will house triple cameras in the rear camera bump, the leaked renders of the Pixel 4 don’t make it clear if we are looking at a dual or triple camera setup.

If it is a dual-camera setup, we are likely looking at a secondary ultra-wide angle sensor that has become commonplace in Android flagships. The upcoming iPhone 11 series is also expected to gain a similar ultra-wide angle sensor.

The renders are of the Pixel 4 but the bigger Pixel 4 XL is also expected to come with a similar camera bump. It is unclear if the Pixel 4 XL will continue to come with a massive notched display or it would switch to a hole-punch display like many other Android devices.

Google has so far only used a single camera setup on its Pixel handsets and relied on its image and machine learning prowess to deliver outstanding results. However, with ultra-wide angle sensors in smartphones gaining popularity, I guess the company realized the need to add another camera module.

When the first iPhone 11 renders leaked, many people called it ugly and said that Apple needs to innovate in the design department. I know the Pixel series has never really been known for its design but Google following Apple’s footsteps reaffirms the design decision taken by the latter.

Our Take

Google seems to have gotten into a habit of following Apple’s footsteps. After making fun of Apple for ditching the headphone jack during the Pixel 2 launch, the company went ahead and dropped the headphone jack on the Pixel 3 series. And that’s not it, the Pixel 3 XL even came with a massive notched display which put the iPhone X’s notch to shame.

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