Google introduced Night Sight with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL late last year, which is a breakout feature for the smartphone lineup.

Last month, Google marketed Night Sight mode against the “iPhone X”, which is apparently the iPhone XS, showing off the sheer brilliance of the feature in side-by-side photos. With the “iPhone X”, the primary focus of the image, which was taken in low-light, is pretty hard to see while the background is not too bad. However, compared to Night Sight in the Pixel 3? Well, the results really do speak for themselves:

Now, Google has published a behind-the-scenes video of the advertising campaign, which shows how it all got brought together, albeit briefly. In the description of the video, Google describes it as, “Watch the behind the scenes and see how Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature stands out in low lighting compared to Phone X”. So, again, the company is once again calling out the iPhone X when, probably, it means “iPhone XS”.

Still, it’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t include a feature similar to Night Sight, even if the newest iPhones do feature better overall low-light photography. That being said, the Night Sight mode is a marvel, and one of the best features the Pixel 3 lineup offers. Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 works by capturing up to 6-15 frames with multiple exposures in a span of 1-2 seconds and merging them into one. The resulting image is further improved by Google’s use of computational photography and AI.

Check out the BTS video below:

It will be interesting to see if Apple shows off even better low light photography in the 2019 iPhone lineup. Considering how important Night Sight has become to Google, it will be fun to see if Apple comes up with something similar this year.

[via Made by Google]

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