Our ability to understand and retain the knowledge received through reading is key to success in personal and professional domains, but unfortunately, it’s a skill that doesn’t often come easy, especially in our fast-paced society. On top of that, the digital world we live in contains plenty of text that’s not always easy to process, compounding the problem.

In order to solve these comprehension and retention problems and to just generally boost your ability to speed read, there are a few worthwhile programs available. Spreeder CX 2019, 7 Speed Reading EX 2019, and Vocab1 are some of the top options when it comes to this type of training, but they’re generally quite expensive.

Right now, however, iMore Digital Offers has a deal on a bundle of the two programs. Instead of paying $478 for lifetime licenses to both programs, you’ll instead pay just $19. That’s 96% off the regular price!

7 Speed Reading EX 2019 focuses on techniques to allow your eyes to read text up to 3.47 times faster than without affecting your comprehension of what you’re reading. It’s designed to eliminate your bad reading habits and lets you track and view your progress over time. Vocab1 is a crash course that aims to expand your vocabulary through a combination of fun games and prep questions for GRE, SAT, GMAT, and IQ tests. Lastly, you get Spreeder CX 2019, an rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) e-book reader that reduces your eye movement by feeding digital text at you at variable speeds. You’ll be able to upload your own personal cloud library and add your own PDFs, ebooks and other documents.

If you’d like to boost your reading and comprehension skills that have taken a blow in our digital world, or if you’d like a program that can help digest digital text while at the same time reducing eye strain, this bundle is for you. Considering you can save more than $400, you won’t want to wait for this deal to pass you buy.

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