The ECG function in your Apple Watch Series 4 lets you share a PDF of your heart’s electrical activity and share it with your doctor but wouldn’t it be great if it included other important details pertaining to your heart’s overall health?

With the Heart Reports app by Hungarian software developer and founder and designer Viszt Péter, you can generate a detailed PDF report about your heart, with the data stored in your Health app in your iPhone, which you can share with your doctor.

Viszt explains what motivated him to write this app:

Last December, I was at the doctor’s office and my doctor noticed I was wearing an Apple Watch. He asked me if I could share the data collected on the watch with him. I went into the Health app and ended up looking for a share option for a few minutes…

Turns out there’s no way to export data in a readable format. The best I could do was to create a screenshot. So I started learning iOS development and Swift to create an app that generates a PDF report which can be shared with anyone easily.

The app takes advantage of the heart data captured by your Apple Watch that’s already stored in the Health app on iPhone. You decide how detailed your report will be by choosing to include graphs, averages, blood pressure and other data.

Here’s a typical PDF generated in the app.

Detailed graphs give you an at-a-glance overview of your heart’s overall health and activity. You can display blood pressure on the report, as well as your heart rate variability and summaries of the high and low heart rate notifications.

Your reports can be compared to average heart rates of other people provided they also use the Heart Reports app. The key feature of the software is the data export function.

Choose data points for your report.

You simply generate a PDF that can be exported to the Files app and shared with a doctor using the built-in sharing features in iOS. Optionally, save your data in a CSV file (and customize and reorder the columns) that can be easily processed in desktop apps like Excel or Numbers.

The report include the following data points:

  • Minimum, maximum and average heart rate on an hourly/daily basis
  • Resting/active heart rate averages
  • Heart rate variability average
  • Blood pressure data, provided it exists in Health
  • Detailed graphs for a quick overview of trends
  • Total averages
  • High and low blood pressure notifications when your heart rate was above 120bpm or below 45bpm in a resting state for at least five minutes

These report are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Hungarian. Generated PDFs and CSVs stay on your device and are never transmitted or shared anywhere.

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Your anonymized average heart rate, age and sex is uploaded to the server for the purpose of comparing your data with the datasets from other Heart Reports users.

Heart Reports is a free download from App Store.