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It takes ten shots to get one good picture. We all seem to have internalized this rule. We take multiple pictures until we finally find that Instagram-ready angle. But once we’ve meticulously edited the photo and shared it on social media, the dopamine has done its job and we move on to the next thing. Chasing the next perfect frame. All this while, your iPhone has been collecting a collection of those 9 bad photos for every good click. It’s time to finally get rid of them all and claim back the valuable storage space. Gemini Photos is here to help.

Download: Gemini Photos (Free)

What is Gemini Photos?

Gemini Photos is the iPhone version of MacPaw’s Gemini duplicate finder for the Mac. And Gemini 2 is one of the best ways to find duplicate photos and files on the Mac. MacPaw has now taken the years of research and applied it solely to photo management for the iPhone, the need of the hour.

Gemini Photos is an intelligent photo cleaning utility. It will, of course, show you exact duplicate photos, but most of the time, there are way too many similar looking photos or those “not-quite-there-yet” photos that need to be deleted. Gemini Photos has a fantastic algorithm that groups related photos and surfaces the best one. You can then choose to delete the rest of the photos. It has a feature to automatically delete all screenshots and blurry images as well.

How to Use Gemini Photos To Free Up Storage Space

Using the app is quite simple. And I suggest you make it a habit to use the app once every week or month. Because of the app’s simple interface (it has two modes, one similar to Instagram, another similar to Tinder), you can even use it while you’re watching something on Netflix.

The app is free to download and comes with a three-day free trial. After that, you can continue using it at $2.99/month or $11.99/year. You can unlock the app forever by paying $19.99.

After you grant the app permission to access your photos, it will start scanning your photo library. If you have a lot of photos, this can take a while. I have around 20,000 photos in my Library and Gemini Photos took around 10 minutes to scan them all. During which, my iPhone got a bit warm. But on the upside, it also scanned photos that are in my iCloud Photo Library and not downloaded on my device.

Once the scan is complete, or even before it, you can start by tapping on the Similar button.

Here, you’ll find an Instagram like, vertical scrolling interface. Each group shows photos that are similar. The app has already selected the best one for you and the rest have been marked to be deleted. If you agree with the app’s assessment, you can just tap Move to Trash. They’ll be added to the pile of photos to delete.

If you’d like to see all the photos in the group, just swipe left or right. Then tap on the checkmark to mark it as Trash.

Gemini Photos iPhone Clean Storage Space Review 2

If you want to keep photos in the given group, just tap on Keep All. You’ll have to take action on each card. You can skip it by scrolling and seeing the card below. Once you’ve selected all the photos that you want to delete, just tap on Empty Trash. Then remember to go to the Photos app and empty the Recently Deleted album to say goodbye to the photos for good.

This system only works when Gemini Photos can recognize related photos. In my library of 20,000 photos, around 9000 photos made the cut. For other photos, there’s an aptly named “Other” section. Tap on it and you’ll a Tinder-like interface but with a twist.

Gemini Photos iPhone Clean Storage Space Review 4

You’ll be presented with a photo and you swipe up to keep it and you swipe down to delete it. This itself can make for a good time-pass when you’re bored or there’s nothing good on TV. Once you’ve done this for a while, tap on the Empty Trash button.

Gemini Photos iPhone Clean Storage Space Review 3

There’s a dedicated section for Screenshots as well. And you can delete all screenshots instantly with just one tap. Or you can scroll around a deselect the ones that you want to keep. The same system is applicable to the Notes and Blurred sections as well.

Gemini Photos: Our Review and Thoughts

Many apps have tried this before – an intelligent, user-friendly app for cleaning the photo library. But they’ve always fallen short either in the smartness department or the design department. Gemini Photos hits the nail right in the head. As it’s a MacPaw app, it’s designed with the user in mind. It’s quite simple and fast to use. Once you get a hang of it, you can just fly in the app.

Gemini Photos also has the smartness part covered. There is no real competition for the intelligent grouping of images and how it picks the best image for you. Plus, the Enhance mode will sometimes automatically increase the beautify quotient of the pick as well.

Gemini Photos then, is worth the penny. And as a modern App Store app, it has two options. A subscription, a full purchase, and a free trial. If you’re diligent enough and if you only want to clear out your photo gallery for once, you can get away with the 3-day trial (all functionality is available). But if you’d rather take more than a couple of days, just buy a one-month subscription first. Then, if you’re getting a lot out of it, it’s best to unlock the app forever by paying $19.99.

If like most iPhone users your photo library has more than 10,000 photos or if your iCloud storage plan is constantly nagging you to upgrade to the next tier, just download Gemini, it will not only free up valuable storage space but will help you save on your iCloud Drive subscription as well.

Download: Gemini Photos (Free)

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