FuboTV is the Second Live TV Streaming Service Supported by Apple’s TV App

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 05, 2019 in Apple TV, News

FuboTV now works with the Apple TV app

Back in October of last year, the live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue became the first of its kind to be integrated with Apple’s TV app.

But now it’s not the only one. FuboTV, which is a sports-oriented live TV streaming service, has just announced that it now supports the TV app. That means FuboTV subscribers, which enjoy plenty of sports coverage but can also watch live TV from some sources, can see their content directly through the TV app on devices running iOS and tvOS. However, to actually watch that content customers will be directed to the FuboTV app to stream whatever it is they want to watch.

It works in a similar way to other services, including Hulu, NBC Sports, and others. So if you have something of interest pop up, the TV app can notify you of it’s impending availability and you can tune in when you want.

FuboTV says it will be adding support for Apple’s single sign-on feature “soon”, but doesn’t go into any additional details in that regard. The new service should be live now, based on the report. If you are a subscriber to FuboTV, you should be able to add it within the TV app now.

The notifications that the TV app provides can be pretty handy, especially for sports. The app will not only tell you when a game is starting, but also let you know if it’s getting intense near the end of the game with a “close game” notification. That way, if you haven’t tuned in just yet because you thought it might be a boring game, you can switch over and check out how it ends.

[via The Verge]

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