It’s getting (slightly) easier to get your custom smart glasses from North with two new West Coast locations.

If you’ve been eying those new Focals smart glasses, but live way too far from any North Showroom, you may be in luck. Two new pop-up locations are making there way to across the country to the best coast … I mean, the West Coast starting February 19.

For the select few, this means you’ll finally be able to demo how Focals work, and if you like them, you can get a custom fitting for your very own pair.

If you’re in the area, be sure to make reservations ahead of time as Focals are proving to be a big hit and you may not be able to just stroll up to the temporary Showroom.

The Focals pop-up Showroom will be in Seattle, WA from February 19 – 22. It’s also headed to San Francisco, CA soon after (no official date yet).

For those that have been waiting for Focals to be available with prescription lenses, you’re in luck. Prescription lenses rolled out recently and are available for $799 (I doubt your vision insurance will cover them).

North has also changed the pricing structure of Focals. Previously, the smart glasses cost $999 with no options. Now, Focals start at $599 and can be customized with design options such as round frames, limited edition colors, and premium lenses for about $100 more each.

If you live near a Showroom in Brooklyn, Toronto, or coming soon in Seattle or San Francisco and are ready to get in on the smart glasses revolution, make your reservation today.

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