Apps of the week

In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a no-nonsense news app with a unique story-like interface, a digital food decider, and an app to help you practice coding. And as usual, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Flash is a news app that takes on information and overload and fake news. It doesn’t waste your time with clickbait and other nonsense. Every day the most important news is hand-picked and delivered to you in a short story format—it reminds me a lot of Instagram Stories. All sources are verified and there are no ‘read more’ links to websites. If other news apps aren’t doing it for you, Flash is worth checking out.

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Dining Decider

Deciding where to eat can be stressful! Dining Decider wants to help. With a simple swipe, the app cuts through all the information and provides you a great restaurant recommendation instantly! Whether you’re traveling abroad or just around town, Dining Decider will be there to pick a local favorite and show you just one option at a time. Other features include an in-app map and price filter.

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There are obviously plenty of coding apps already in the App Store, but when one comes along that looks somewhat unique or helpful, I can’t help but share it. AlgoKitty features more than 800 free LeetCode problems with descriptions, official explanations and solutions collected from various GitHub repos for you to practice with. Other features include built-in reminders and notes, and a dark mode for late-night coding sessions.

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Rabbit Rampage!

Defend yourself from a stampede of angry rabbits seeking to claim your prized passion: the Carrot Monument. Explore a new style of tower defense and defeat weave after wave of the rabbit horde. You’ll be rewarded with upgradeable carrot cannons and faced with increasingly fast bunnies. Do you have what it takes to outscore your friends and take the top of the leaderboard? There’s only one way to find out!

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Lunar Rescue Mission

Looking for something a little more high-brow? Check out Lunar Rescue Mission. This space simulation game has you pilot multiple vehicles to rescue colonists from their doomed moons. Features include challenging gameplay, gripping story line and realistic physics. There are 18 large mission sectors, 8 vehicles to master and even a sandbox mode. Be warned, this game is challenging!

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