All of Apple’s latest flagship handsets come standard with Face ID instead of Touch ID, but a significant percentage of active iPhones and iPads still use the latter. If you’re using a jailbroken handset with Touch ID, then you might appreciate a new jailbreak tweak named ExtendedGlyph by iOS developers Luke Muris and Geometric Software.

From what we can gather, ExtendedGlyph is essentially a modernized take on the popular LockGlyphX tweak. But perhaps more importantly, it has been carefully crafted with support for jailbroken iOS 11 and iOS 12 handsets.

In case you’ve never used LockGlyphX before, the concept behind ExtendedGlyph is simple: to display an animated glyph at the bottom-center of your Lock screen every time you unlock your handset with Touch ID. Here’s an example:

ExtendedGlyph is fully-customizable. You’ll find a preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure it to your liking:

Apart from the standalone toggle switch that can be used to turn ExtendedGlyph on or off on demand, the tweak’s in-depth preferences are divided into three main sections. We’ll outline those for you below:

Setup Animation

From the Animation preference pane, you can:

  • Toggle the glyph’s ‘shine’ animation on or off on demand
  • Speed up the animations for a faster unlocking process
  • Toggle an alternate scanning animation if you don’t like the default
  • Toggle an alternate idle animation if you don’t like the default

Setup Appearance

From the Appearance preference pane, you can:

  • Configure a custom glyph color
  • Configure a custom scanning color
  • Choose a custom position for the glyph
  • Hide the ring from the Glyph
  • Configure a custom size for the glyph
  • Select a different theme for the glyph
  • Customize the unlock text
  • Hide the unlock text altogether

Setup Behavior

From the Behavior preference pane, you can:

  • Configure a custom unlocking sound
  • Enable haptic feedback when Touch ID fingerprint is invalid
  • Shake the glyph icon when Touch ID fingerprint is invalid
  • Toggle unlocking immediately, even if the animation isn’t done

As you can discern for yourself, the options for ExtendedGlyph are somewhat extensive. Furthermore, the tweak can be themed with third-party glyphs, which means you aren’t limited to the default offerings.

If you have a jailbroken iOS 11 or 12 device with Touch ID capabilities, then ExtendedGlyph is a great way to make your handset stand out from the rest. The tweak can be purchased from Cydia’s Packix repository for $1.29.

Will you be downloading ExtendedGlyph to give your Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad a fancy new unlocking aesthetic? Let us know in the comments section below.