The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro offer a range of impressive new features, some of which may not be immediately apparent, such as the 5X zoom lens and Action button. If you’ve recently acquired one of these latest iPhone models, you have access to a wealth of options, settings, and functions that you might not be aware of, and these can significantly enhance your iPhone experience.

Here, we’ll uncover several of the noteworthy “hidden” features found in both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, as well as some that are exclusive to the Pro models.

Optimize Battery Charging: 

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro allow you to set an 80% charge limit, which can help extend the lifespan of your battery by preventing it from charging beyond 80%. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Charging Optimization.

Explore Battery Statistics: 

These models provide additional battery information that includes the battery’s manufacture date, first use date, and the number of complete charge cycles it has undergone. You can access this data by going to Settings > General > About.

Automatic Portraits and Quick Object Portraits: 

When taking photos with people, dogs, or cats in the frame, the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro automatically save the depth data required for Portrait shots, even without enabling Portrait mode. You can adjust the Portrait effect later by tapping Edit in the Photos app. Additionally, this feature extends to objects in the viewfinder, and the depth information is saved automatically, allowing for “Portrait edits” for objects.

Unlock Additional Lenses (Pro Only): 

The iPhone 15 Pro boasts three different focal lengths (24mm, 28mm, and 35mm) using the main 48-megapixel camera. You can toggle the 28mm and 35mm lenses on or off in Settings > Camera > Main Camera and quickly switch between them in the Camera app by tapping the 1x zoom level button.

Shoot 48MP in ProRAW or HEIF (Pro Only): 

The iPhone 15 Pro offers the option to capture 48-megapixel images in either ProRAW or HEIF format, which can be selected in Settings > Camera > Formats. ProRAW is ideal for extensive image editing, while HEIF provides high-resolution images with significantly smaller file sizes.

Hide the Silent Mode Bell (Pro Only): 

With the introduction of the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s not as straightforward to determine the mute status by the switch position. However, you can hide the “mute bell” icon in the status bar by going to Settings > Sound and Haptics and toggling off “Show in Status Bar.”

These hidden features can enhance your iPhone experience and unlock new capabilities you might not have been aware of. Whether you’re looking to maximize your battery life, explore advanced photography options, or customize your device’s settings, these features offer a range of possibilities to explore.