Apple’s WWDC 2024 Expected to Unveil Advanced Siri with Large Language Models for iOS 18

At the upcoming WWDC 2024, Apple is anticipated to introduce an enhanced version of Siri powered by large language models (LLMs) for the upcoming iOS 18. However, speculations suggest that certain cutting-edge generative AI features may be exclusive to the iPhone 16 models, according to recent rumors.

iPhone 16 Side 2 Feature

Last month, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on Apple’s development of various features utilizing generative AI, including an upgraded version of Siri and new LLM-based AI features integrated into iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

Gurman mentioned ongoing debates within Apple regarding the deployment of generative AI, considering options such as on-device processing, cloud-based deployment, or a hybrid approach combining both. The report did not clarify whether specific hardware architecture would be necessary for some AI features or if they would be available across all models capable of running iOS 18.

However, additional information from the leaker @Tech_Reve suggests that iOS 18 will extend the new LLM to millions of existing devices through cloud-based AI. On-device AI features, on the other hand, are likely to be exclusive to the iPhone 16.

Regarding iOS 18 features, Gurman’s sources highlight a revamped interaction between Siri and the Messages app, allowing users to handle complex questions and auto-complete sentences more efficiently. Possible features include auto-generated Apple Music playlists and integration with productivity apps like Pages and Keynote, offering AI-assisted writing and slide deck creation. The extent to which these AI integrations may necessitate new hardware requirements remains uncertain.

Apple is in the process of developing new A-series chips for the iPhone 16 lineup, utilizing TSMC’s latest N3E 3-nanometer node. While efficiency and performance improvements are anticipated, potential benefits related to Apple’s AI objectives are yet to be disclosed. Notably, TSMC, the exclusive manufacturer for Nvidia’s powerful H100 and A100 AI processors, plays a crucial role in AI tools like ChatGPT and is prevalent in AI data centers.

Rumors also suggest that all models in the iPhone 16 series will feature an additional button with an unknown purpose. Internal versions of the iPhone 16 reportedly include an extra capacitive button referred to as the “Capture Button,” located alongside the Power button. This capacitive button can detect pressure and touch, providing haptic feedback upon activation. The function of this button remains undisclosed, but it could potentially have unforeseen practical AI applications.

Apple is reportedly allocating $1 billion annually for AI research, with key executives overseeing development, including Craig Federighi (senior vice president of software engineering), John Giannandrea (senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy), and Eddy Cue (senior vice president of services).