Exciting concept shows what a folding iPhone could look like

Folding iPhone 2
Would you like a folding smartphone from Apple?
Photo: Foldable.News

Samsung showed off its foldable smartphone this week, and while it’s clearly a first-generation model, it’s got a lot of people excited. Foldable phones have the potential to combine our phones and tablets in a way that offers a big display and pocket-sized form factor in one.

What would a foldable iPhone look like? With help from industrial designer Roy Gilsing, the folks over at Foldable.News have taken a swing at showing us.

As the website notes: “The device switches seamlessly between iPhone and iPad-mode. It can be used in both portrait and landscape and allows a partial fold, turning it into a mini-notebook with touchscreen keyboard.”

You could even use it in notebook mode.
Photo: Foldable.News

Possibility of a folding iPhone

While I’m not yet totally sold on the foldable concept, it’s a fun glimpse at how it might look. Apple and display maker LG reportedly started exploring a foldable iPhone back in 2016. Apple has also been granted a U.S. patent for a foldable, flexible screen. The company does, however, explore plenty of form factors for its devices which never make it to market.

Personally, I’d expect that Apple will hold off on launching a foldable iPhone for some time. Samsung’s attempt may have beaten Apple to market, but it’s also the best part of $2,000. Considering the negative press about a $1,000 iPhone, that price point would be crazy.

As it did with the phablet, Apple will likely wait on the sidelines and see whether foldable phones really become a thing — or remain a novelty. If they become a massive hit, then Apple will probably follow suit. The success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shows that waiting is no impediment to success. But rushing to release an experiment that may not pay off is more than a little foolhardy.

Are you excited about the possibility of a folding iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Foldable News

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