Although it was originally supposed to arrive before the holidays, a new Driftboard item is now finally available in Fortnite for iPhone and iPad thanks to today’s version 7.40.2 update.

Available in Red Supply Drop, these Driftobards are limited-time items.

They aren’t just for going from point A to B as you can also pull some tricks while riding on one. And speaking of riding, you’ll pick up some nice speed with the Driftboard.

Heck, you even can loot and revive allies without having to set your foot off the board. And with a time-limited Driftin’ mode, two teams of 32 players can battle it out by riding on boards.

Building is not possible while you’re riding on the Driftboard.

Other changes in Fortnite 7.40.2 include a new Infantry Rival, a Catch mode that limits you to using throwable items like grandes to wipe out your rivals and other tweaks and improvements listed in Epic’s blog post.

the previous update, Fortnite 7.40, brought much-needed tweaks to the planes, zippiness, RPG and hand cannon that many members of the community have been asking for.

Fortnite is available at no charge from App Store.