On Wednesday, the Electra Team announced an
update to the ElectraTV jailbreak tool for the Apple TV, officially bringing it
up to version 1.3.2 to match that of the iOS version of the tool.

In a Tweet shared this morning by the Electra Team, we learn that ElectraTV 1.3.2 now supports tvOS 11.0-11.4.1 thanks to a port shared by @nitoTV and @Jaywalker. Furthermore, the update brings bug fixes and improvements:

The full list of changes in ElectraTV 1.3.2, as gathered from
the Tweet, are listed below:

  • Now supports tvOS 11.0-11.4.1
  • A fix for an overnight rebooting issue
  • Faster Idrestart
  • Support for async_wake/v1ntex/voucher_swap/jailbreakd2
  • Fixes for random device freezing
  • And other miscellaneous enhancements

Like all versions of the Electra jailbreak tool, ElectraTV can be downloaded from the Electra Team’s
official website
. The ElectraTV version of the tool is linked at the very
top of the website where you will see a button entitled “Download (tvOS).”

If you’ve never used ElectraTV before, then you can follow
our in-depth step-by-step tutorial
to learn how.

Have you jailbroken your Apple TV with ElectraTV yet? Let us
know how it worked for you in the comments section below.