At the time of this writing, Sileo is an alternative and optional package manager that can be installed alongside Cydia on devices that have been jailbroken with Electra; but that will unquestionably change in the future.

As the Sileo beta preview progresses, the Electra Team will implement the framework to replace Cydia as the default package manager on the Electra platform, a move that could transpire as soon as Sileo comes out of its beta preview stages:

Exact dates for this change aren’t mentioned in the Electra Team’s Twitter-based announcement, but it could be a while before the Sileo package manager removes its beta preview training wheels.

this decision is being met with some resistance from the jailbreak community.
Many have retorted to the original Tweet with responses such as:

  • “Can we have a setting within the Electra app to
    toggle what you want to install?” – @iCrazeiOS
  • “Don’t do that, if jailbreak is all about
    freedom, then I don’t want to be forced into something I don’t want.” – @fL1cKi
  • “I would like to choose what to install during
    the jailbreak!” – @PippoX07

There has been no official response to this resistance from the Electra Team, indicative that the team plans to move forward with its plans regardless.

The Electra Team notes that while Sileo will effectively replace Cydia on the Electra platform, the latter could still be installed manually as an alternative package manager, much like the process to install Sileo beta preview today. Albeit more convoluted than a simple toggle switch within the Electra jailbreak itself, installing Cydia is still technically an “option” in this scenario.

Conversely, Pwn20wnd’s iOS 11-centric unc0ver jailbreak bundles an updated version of the Cydia package manager, which has been refined for iOS 11 and comes with Saurik’s seal of approval. The Sileo beta preview can also be installed on the unc0ver jailbreak, but this method isn’t officially recognized or supported by the Sileo team.

Sileo is currently on its second beta preview stage; a third beta preview is expected soon that’s supposed to let the BigBoss repository serve users with a single ad for revenue purposes. The second beta preview blocks the BigBoss repository’s ads, and it remains to be seen if one ad will be enough to keep the BigBoss repository afloat.

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