Dropbox Getting a Massive Overhaul With New Collaborative Tools and Features

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jun 12, 2019 in Dropbox, News

Dropbox today announced a massive update for its app that makes it much more than just a simple file syncing and storage application. With the new app, the company aims to offer an entirely new experience that is aimed at organizing one’s content across multiple cloud services like Google Drive, ability to create and store shortcuts to websites, and more.

In a nutshell, you can now directly create a new Google Sheets file from within the Dropbox app and store it in Google Drive, start Slack conversations, start Zoom video conference meetings, manage your tasks in Trello, and more. Basically, Dropbox wants to offer light project management capabilities to its users using web apps right from within its app.

To make it easier for teams and enterprises to manage their files and folders, Dropbox is also adding descriptions to folders along with the ability to pin files to the top of a folder. One can also add comments to a file right alongside the content irrespective of the platform they are using Dropbox on. There’s also a unified search bar so one can search for all their files and documents, Trello projects, and more without having to open multiple apps or search windows.

For now, this new app is a part of Dropbox’s early access program. If interested, you can join this program for Windows and Mac from here.

Our Take

Dropbox silently added a three-device limit to its service for free users earlier this year. This led to the company facing a lot of criticism from its free users. However, after today’s announcements, it is clear that the company is looking to focus on enterprise customers and wants to become more than just a file-syncing and cloud storage service. For teams and enterprises that rely heavily on Dropbox, the new features definitely sound useful.

[Via Dropbox]

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