Best answer: The entry-level Polaroid Snap instant camera doesn’t work with smartphones. That type of support is left for another Polaroid camera: the Snap Touch.

What the Polaroid Snap offers

The Polaroid Snap camera offers an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to take a photo and have it print immediately. Just point and click and in a few seconds, you’ll have your image printed on compatible 2-by-3-inch Zink Paper, which you can buy separately. You can take your photos in color, black and white, and sepia. For added flexibility, the camera includes a self-timer and photobooth-style feature.

Available in seven bright colors, the Polaroid Snap is often on sale through Amazon, which is something to keep in mind.

No smartphone support

Unlike other instant cameras on the market, including many of our favorites, the Polaroid Snap cannot communicate with a smartphone through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or otherwise. The camera does come with a microSD card reader, however, that allows you to save photos for later use on a computer, although you can’t print photos directly from the card.

Do you still want smartphone integration?

The updated Polaroid Snap Touch is similar to the Polaroid Snap, but with more features. Among these is the ability to connect to your smartphone. In doing so, you can use the Polaroid Snap Touch app and print photos from your smartphone to the camera. You can also save images taken with your camera to the smartphone with ease.

Other advanced features of the 13MP camera include video recording, photobooth and burst modes, and post-processing via the built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen. Like the Polaroid Snap, the Polaroid Snap Touch uses Zink Paper for instant printing. You can also store images using a microSD card. You can find the Polaroid Snap Touch in six fun colors.

It’s about twice the price of the Polaroid Snap, but considering all the upgrades, we think it’s worth the extra cash.

The original

Polaroid Snap

$90 at Amazon

Practical, simple to use

Here’s a relatively inexpensive, entry-level instant camera that’s ideally suited for kids and adults. The 10MP camera is the one to get if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

Upgrade time

Polaroid Snap Touch

$180 at Amazon

Camera meet smartphone

If you’re looking for a Polaroid camera that works with your mobile device, consider this one, which is a step up from the Polaroid Snap.

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