Best answer: No. The Fitbit Zip is more of a pedometer than a full-on tracker so you don’t get advanced features such as GPS. Fitbit does make some great wearables like the Charge 3 if you need it.

It’s more of a pedometer

Fitbit has become a household name in the world of fitness trackers and wearables for creating a wide range of products with an impressive list of features. It has everything from fitness bands to full on smartwatches that have a bevy of impressive features, including GPS tracking for your runs and workouts.

The Zip is the most basic of their offerings. It’s barely more than an inch big and less than half an inch thick so it’s designed to be extremely portable. The objective with the Zip is to have a device that will track your steps, distance, and calories burned with the least possible intrusion on your day. It even comes with a little clip so you can attach it to your clothes and simply forget about it throughout your day.

While the Zip doesn’t offer GPS, it’s still a pretty robust fitness tracker, especially if you’re just starting out and want something basic that doesn’t get in your way.

If you need GPS

Thankfully if you do need GPS tracking on your Fitbit, you can absolutely get it. The Charge 3 is the company’s newest wearable and it’s packed full of features including GPS tracking. Once you pair it up with your smartphone, the Charge 3 will use the GPS from your phone and track your run or workout wherever you go. After your run, you can see your route from the Fitbit app.

If that’s still not quite what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other great Fitbits on the market now that can fit your budget or your specific needs.

Our pick

Fitbit Zip

$60 at Fitbit

Small but mighty

While the Zip doesn’t support more advanced features like GPS, it will still track your steps, distance, and calories burned and will sync all your info back to your smartphone.

If you want GPS

Fitbit Charge 3

$130 at Fitbit

A more advanced wearble

If you need some more advanced features then check out the Charge 3. It can use the GPS from your smartphone to track your routes and workouts.

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