Best answer: While you can print your photo soon after you take it, no, the Polaroid Pop does not automatically print your photos after you take them, instead requiring you to decide which images you want to print

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The Polaroid Pop can print your photo right after you take it, but it won’t do it automatically

Unlike the classic cameras for which it was once known, photos you take of the Polaroid Pop won’t exit the camera immediately. You need to make the choice to print them.

In order to print the photos you take on the Polaroid Pop, you’ll need to hit the camera’s print button, which appears on the touch screen after you take a photo.

You can make some changes to your image before printing

The Pop is part of Polaroid’s efforts to bring the instant camera into the digital age. As a consequence of this, the Pop won’t print your photo automatically right after you take it.

Instead, users can make additions to their photo using the Pop’s built-in tools. Add stickers to an image, or use your finger to draw or write on or under it. This actually works a bit like editing in the Photos app on your iPhone. Speaking of your iPhone, you can also use this time before you print to send your photos to your iPhone using the Polaroid Pop app, and you can even send new frames and stickers to your Pop using the app.

To print your photos, tap the print button when you’re done editing them, and your photo will pop out of the top of the camera just as you decided it should.

Instant resurgence

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Our pick

Polaroid Pop

$200 at Amazon

An instant camera for the digital age.

The Polaroid Pop adds a little touch of digital to your instant photos, giving you the ability to add emoji, writing, and more before you print them.

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