Blanket your home.

Woot, via Amazon, has the Google WiFi 3-pack mesh networking system for $239.99 right now, which is $10 off Amazon’s first-party price and a lot lower than other retailers. We haven’t seen a lot of good deals on the Google WiFi system recently so this is a great chance to upgrade your wireless network and save some money as well.

Google WiFi is specifically designed to be easy to use. You won’t struggle much with getting the system setup, and it will help create a Wi-Fi blanket for your entire house. In fact, if three isn’t enough (because you live in a mansion probably), you can add single units to extend it even more.

Amazon recently bought Eero, which means big changes coming for that system. We already really like Google WiFi, and it matches favorably against the Eero, so if you’re looking for a change, this is the time.

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