Some App Store apps throw a fit when you jailbreak your device or when they’re tampered with by third-party tweaks, so if you happen to be jailbroken, what can you do to resolve this problem and mitigate issues with these types of apps? We’re glad you asked.

UnSub is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Nepeta that aims to make your pwned handset less prone to these kinds of issues. It does this by letting you disable Cydia Substrate or Substitute-centric tweak injection for specific apps, such as those that might exhibit adverse reactions.

The concept might sound familiar to veteran jailbreakers, and that’s because older tweaks such as NoSub and NoSubstitute were able to do the same thing. UnSub aims to be a full-fledged replacement for those tweaks and others like them, but with support for the latest jailbreak(s).

Once you install UnSub, you’ll find a preference pane in the Settings app where you can choose the apps that the tweak will work with:

UnSub uses AppList to populate a comprehensive list of the apps installed on your handset. To enable the tweak for a specific app, simply toggle it on with one of the switches. Upon making changes to the UnSub preference pane, you’ll want to use the Respring button at the bottom to make sure that they’re appended to your device.

It’s worth noting that some apps may still exhibit problems even if you use UnSub in an attempt to resolve the issue. On the other hand, this method is known to work with Spotify and a few other apps, which is why Nepeta made it in the first place.

If you’d like to try UnSub for yourself, then you can download it for free from Nepeta’s repository via Cydia or Sileo. The tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 9-12 devices and will play nicely with both the unc0ver and Electra/Chimera jailbreaks. Moreover, the tweak is open source on Nepeta’s GitHub page.

Have you tried UnSub yet? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below.