Despite the fact that Apple is currently full-steam ahead with watchOS 5, some folks are looking ahead to the next version. One designer has put a new concept out there for watchOS 6, giving a new look to existing features, adding new elements, and more.

Jake Sworski published the new concept over on Behance. The concept brings to life watchOS 6, what Sworski calls “A New Horizon”, and not only envisions tweaks to existing elements within Apple’s operating system for its Apple Watch, but also adds brand new elements to mix things up. That includes even more Activity Rings to close, like a Breathing ring, Distance, Sleep, and other options:

One of the more exciting changes would be to Control Center in watchOS 6. Sworski calls his creation “more functional and familiar”, and it includes options like media playback controls, and easy options for Cellular, Airplane Mode, and Wi-Fi. Sworski even envisions a way to control, in some fashion, other devices owned by the Apple Watch user, including being able to “lock, ping, or locate their paired iPhone”, as well as easier AirPlay 2 controls for other Apple devices.

New watch faces are also included, with the ability to automatically switch to a specific watch face based on the time or the wearer’s location. Sworski includes options for more animated watch faces from known intellectual properties like Marvel, The Simpsons, and the Star Wars franchise:

The home screen gets folders! The Calendar app gets redesigned, Photos gets even better, Audiobook support within the Books app is a nice touch, and and even Safari sees some attention on the Apple Watch with watchOS 6 envisioned by Sworski.

Here’s a video showing it off:

There is a lot to like here. We will get to see what Apple has in store for us in the near future, with Apple’s next Worldwide Developers Conference set to kick off in early June. What do you think of this concept?

[via Behance]