If you have kids who are old enough to spend time on the Internet, then you need to have some way to keep an eye on what they are doing. It doesn’t matter how well behaved they are, because on the wide-open world wide web, trouble will often come and find you.

And let’s just be real- even the best kids make mistakes and exhibit poor judgement from time to time. Unfortunately, the Internet has a very long memory, which can make learning a lesson a very difficult thing. You know what they say about a little prevention being worth a pound of cure.

WebWatcher is a service that can help you keep track of exactly where your children or going online, what they are seeing, and who may be reaching out to them. All of their Internet history, messages, social media, photos, videos, GPS data….everything is backed up to a secure account where you can keep tabs on it.

This is a difficult topic, no two ways about that. While privacy will become a touchy subject kids get older and become teenagers, it is still important to be aware of what is happening. WebWatcher simply gives you a safe and secure way to do this difficult job.

Our Deals site is offering a One Year Subscription to WebWatcher for $49.99. This is 61% off the normal retail price of $129.95.

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