If you are an Apple user, then you will need to make your peace with the rise of USB-C across their device lineup. If you own a new iPad Pro or a MacBook or MacBook Pro released over the last couple of years, you already know this.

So you need a USB-C Cable. What about everything else? You need Lightning for your iPhone. A large number of your others third party accessories that need to be charged will still require Micro USB. How about a USB-C cable that is expandable to do all three? So how about one that has a stainless steel braided exterior for added durability? How about a break-away magnetic USB-C end (with optional Lightning and Micro USB also available) as the cherry on top?

Anchor’s Stainless Steel Magnetic Cross-Device Cable + USB Connector delivers all of these features in one convenient package. This cable can support 2.4 Amp Fast Charging and its stainless steel exterior will hold up under stress. And the price is right. What’s not to like?

Our Deals site is offering Anchor’s Stainless Steel Magnetic Cross-Device Cable + USB-C Connector for $17.95.


Whether you’re an Android or Apple user, we can all agree that most charging cables aren’t known for their durability. The ANCHOR Cable is looking to change that. As the world’s first stainless steel, magnetic, cross-device charging cable, the ANCHOR Cable is designed to shrug off the wear and tear that would undo lesser cables, while giving you next-level charging flexibility. The ANCHOR Cable’s magnetic tip lets you easily swap out connectors for USB-C, Lightning, or MicroUSB (USB-C included), so you can easily power up your MacBook, iPhone, and Android devices without lugging around 3 different cables! 

  • Reliably charge your devices time & time again w/ a durable stainless steel casing

  • Power up your devices at lightning speeds w/ 2.4 A fast charging

  • Easily plug into your devices w/ the cable’s neodymium magnet

  • Enjoy faster charging & data-reading speeds w/ an 18 AWG high-quality copper core interior

  • Easily stow in your bag or pocket thanks to the tangle-free design


  • Length: 3.9 feet

  • Magnetic tip

  • 18 AWG high-quality copper core interior

  • Stainless steel casing

  • 2.4 A fast charging

  • Tangle-free


  • USB-C compatible devices

  • Note: Magnetic tip is also compatible with Lightning and Micro-USB magnetic connectors (not included)


  • ANCHOR Cable Stainless Steel Magnetic Cross-Device Cable

  • USB-C connector

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