dark pattern iphone wallpaper arthur schrinemacher

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection is back again with a new set of photo quality wallpapers for your iPhones. We strive to showcase the best walls from around the net and today we are excited about these dark pattern wallpapers. With a bit of grayscale, some black, and a bit of pop, these images are perfect for either a Home or Lock screen.

Dark patterned wallpapers

The collection below is sourced from an up-and-comer wallpaper artist. He is releasing quality content multiple times per week and I encourage you to follow @arthur1992aS to get his latest! The following is just a small sample from the last couple weeks.

Arthur connected with me @jim_gresham to submit his images for consideration. I curate the collection and interact with fans via Twitter. Send me your favorite walls or just follow along for mid-week downloads.

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