Crazy Adobe Premiere CC bug blows MacBook Pro speakers

2018 MacBook Pro
This isn’t good.
Photo: Apple

A number of Adobe Premiere CC users are reporting that a damaging bug has blown their MacBook Pro speakers.

The problem seems to occur when using one of a number of audio enhancement tools, and the only fix is to get the machine’s speakers replaced.

There isn’t a piece of software out there that’s completely bug-free. Sometimes those bugs aren’t even recognizable; other times they’ll affect performance or cause crashes that lose all your work.

It’s rare that bugs will destroy your hardware, but for some MacBook Pro owners, that’s exactly what’s happening with Adobe Premiere CC.

MacBook Pro speakers go boom

Adobe’s Premiere CC forum is seeing a growing list of complaints from users who report that their MacBook Pro speakers have been blown by a strange software glitch.

“I just blew my speakers (MacBook Pro 15” 2018) on Adobe Premiere,” one writes.

“They are permanently damaged. I was using the Adobe Premier 2019 audio suite for background sound and while tweaking the settings it made a loud distorted noise that hurt even my ears. After that my speakers are unusable.”

“That happened to me as well,” adds another user. “Both times I put a song in the timeline and went to adjust the volume and it made a horrible loud noise and blew my speakers. I couldn’t mute it or anything.”

There are more than a dozen reports, notes 9to5Mac, which spotted the complaints on Adobe’s forum.

Is Adobe or Apple to blame?

Some MacBook Pro owners have laid the blame on Apple’s hardware and criticized the company for “dodging the issue.” But it seems it is only Adobe’s software that is causing the problem.

One Adobe representative has advised users to ensure their MacBook Pro’s microphone is disabled when using Premiere tools, which suggests a feedback loop may be responsible for the glitch.

Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly not a widespread issue, so you don’t need to expect this to happen to you just because you use Premiere CC. But it is a worry, and the problem needs fixing.

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