Veteran jailbreakers should be more than familiar with the ever-so-popular CrashReporter app from Cydia. It works as a virtual diagnostic tool to help you discern the reasoning behind certain crashes; especially those concerning apps, jailbreak tweaks, and the SpringBoard itself.

As useful as CrashReporter is, it’s not always easy to
understand, and that’s why iOS developer Muirey03 has released a new free jailbreak tweak called Cr4shed.

According to the developer, Cr4shed is designed to work alongside the original CrashReporter app (not replace it). Whenever something crashes, Cr4shed will generate crash log files and store them in /var/tmp/crash_logs such that you can access them later.

The developer also explains that Cr4shed can apparently help
developers identify and resolve unwanted crashes in ways CrashReporter can’t. Furthermore,
the tweak can apparently identify useful information such as what process has
crashed, the reason why, a way to reproduce the crash, and the dylib that might
be responsible for it.

“This is super useful if someone reports a crash to you and you can’t work out what the issue is purely from the crash log generated by CrashReporter. (It is also extremely useful for identifying causes of crashes in development),” Muirey03 explains. “This report should be everything you need to work out exactly why the crash occurred, and how to fix it.”

“This is designed to work alongside CrashReporter, not to replace it. It provides information that CrashReporter cannot provide and is usually all you need to identify the cause of the crash, but CrashReporter can still prove useful too.”

The intention behind Cr4shed is to simplify the troubleshooting process for users and developers alike to make everyone’s life easier in the bug-fixing department. Given everything the tweak appears to be capable of, we’d say that it just might achieve its goal.

If you’re onboard, then you can download Cr4shed free of charge from Cydia’s Packix repository today. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 11 devices and is open source via the developer’s GitHub repository.

What are your initial impressions of Cr4shed? Share your
thoughts in the comments section below.