Control devices with a wave of your hand using this sci-fi ring

Litho is an input device for the real world.
Photo: Litho

Ever wish you could control your smart home devices without reaching for your iPhone? A new finger-worn controller is trying to make that a reality and it could be a total gamechanger for ARKit apps.

Litho, a small controller you wear on two fingers, gives wearers the ability to control iPhone connected devices by pointing, swiping and taping. It also doubles as a controller for AR apps so you don’t have to keep tapping on the screen.

Prepare to be amazed:

Launching today for developers, Litho, sports a touch surface on the bottom along with motion sensors and haptic feedback. Instead of being a device you constantly wear, Litho is only supposed to used occasionally.

One of the biggest allures of the Litho could be its SDK. Developers can use the Litho SDK to make apps that can identify the direction the wearer is pointing as well as what they’re looking at. It’s built around Apple’s ARKit and could lead to some interesting use-cases if developers latch onto the idea.

Litho is launching first as a private beta for developers. $199 gets you access to a Litho controller and the Litho SDK. The company says it plans to release the ring controller to the public later this year for around $100.

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