Concept iPhone SE 2 Envisioned with Notched Display, Glass Back

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 11, 2019 in iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE might be old and it is definitely not as powerful as the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Yet, it has its own set of fans and user base. No wonder then that the device was sold out within a few hours of going up for sale on Apple’s refurbished store. Maybe Apple does not think that an iPhone SE 2 is needed but that does not mean one cannot imagine how the phone will look.

A new iPhone SE 2 concept imagines the phone being launched alongside Apple’s 2019 iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. The handset has been envisioned as having the same design language as the original iPhone SE, though it will feature a glass back to support wireless charging.

At the front, similar to other newer iPhones, the SE 2 will also adopt a bezel-less but notched display. And just like the iPhone XR, the device has been envisioned in a multitude of attractive colors.

Sadly, given the lack of rumors, it is unlikely that we are going to see Apple launch the iPhone SE 2 anytime soon.

While the mini iPhone has its own set of takers and remains a relatively popular device years after its release, Apple does not think it is worth the trouble to update it right now. Until that happens, I guess people longing for an iPhone SE 2 will have to quench their thirst by looking at such concept videos.

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