Concept Imagines 2020 iPhone XII with Curved Display, No Physical Buttons, True Wireless Charging

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 12, 2019 in iPhone Concepts

iPhone XII 2020

Apple has not really been on a roll with recent iPhone hardware design languages. While the iPhone X did mark a major revamp for the iPhone hardware design language, Apple’s hardware design team is simply not as innovative as before. Sadly, this only leaves us with concept trailers to drool over.

The latest iPhone concept envisions an iPhone XII which will presumably be launched by Apple in 2020. It envisions the iPhone XII with an OLED panel that is curved across all its four edges. It also bids adieu to all physical buttons including the volume buttons and replaces them with a touch-sensitive panel.

I particularly like the Quick Apps implementation feature and Photomove which scans a photo and automatically animates objects to make it look more attractive. Given that Apple already captures motion data as a part of Live Photos, this is a feature that Apple can definitely implement in one of the future releases of iOS.

Apple should also take inspiration from the multitude of colors shown off in this concept video. The company does offer multiple color options but that’s limited to the iPhone XR, with the iPhone XS series available in the usual black, gold, and silver colors.

Being a concept video, it does go a bit overboard in terms of what the iPhone XII will bring to the table. It envisions Apple shipping the 2020 iPhone with 20m wireless charging which is a bit far fetched.

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