A recent Nikkei research report reveals the estimated cost of manufacturing an iPhone 15 device, providing insights into the pricing of various components within the iPhone 15 series in comparison to the previous model.

When comparing the components of the new iPhone models to those of the previous generation, there is a noticeable 12% increase in costs. This suggests that owners of the new iPhone 15 device may face higher expenses when it comes to repair or replacement. The only component that remains unchanged in price from the previous model is the NAND flash storage.

If your device issues do not pertain to storage, it is likely that repair costs will be significantly higher. Notably, the prices of three specific components in the iPhone 15 series are the main drivers behind this cost increase. These price hikes are a direct result of enhancements and upgrades in various areas where these components are utilized.

The iPhone 15 Pro series introduces numerous upgrades, including a new titanium frame, slimmer bezel screens, and an enhanced camera system, among others. These improvements lead to an increase in the cost of components required for building the device.

In comparison to the iPhone 14 Pro series, the price increases for these new components are substantial. For instance, the new display costs 10% more than that of the iPhone 14 Pro series, while the Apple A17 Bionic chip sees a 27% increase in cost compared to its predecessor.

The most significant increase is observed in the titanium frames, which cost 43% more than the frames of the previous year. The new 5x telephoto module stands out as the most substantial increase, costing 280% more than the 3x telephoto module from the previous year.

The overall production cost for the new iPhone 15 Pro series is estimated to be 12% higher than the 14 Pro series, with Nikkei estimating a production cost of $558. Apple, on the other hand, retails the base iPhone 15 Pro Max model for $1199, more than double the production cost.

While Apple sets the prices of its devices according to its production and other costs, the high cost of repair components may pose challenges for users on a budget looking to repair their iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max devices.