Colorful custom AirPods will make you see green


Caviar AirPods in black
You don’t have to settle for white AirPods if you have plenty of green.
Photo: AirPods

If you’ve been hoping for a pair of AirPods in black or red then this is your lucky day. And you’re even luckier if for some reason you’ve been hoping to pay a whole lot of money for them.

Luxury brand Caviar now has the Apple’s wireless earbuds in new colors but these go for more than three times the standard price.

Red or black Airpods

You can have the regular version of Apple AirPods in any color you want, as long as that color is white. There are no other options.

So Caviar saw an opportunity. It’s taken standard pairs of AirPods and upgraded them with new colors, either black or red/burgundy. The charging cases are also re-colored to match. These get the Caviar logo in real gold to boot.

All this boosts the price of these colorful AirPods to $590, up from $159 for a standard white pair. There’s also a version where the case is sheathed in carbon fiber for $720. They can be ordered today from the Caviar website.

To be clear, this Russian company is starting with regular Apple earbuds and redecorating them. The functionality isn’t changing.

Caviar is synonymous with “over the top”

Caviar is best know for taking phones and covering them with gold, like its $15,000 iPhone XS Max. But it doesn’t stop there, and many of its devices have themes.  There’s an iPhone 8 model that salutes President Trump ($3,550 and up), and a similar iPhone X for Russian President Putin ($4,092).

Some of Cavair’s offerings are just beautifully overdone. Its Grand Complications series adds a gorgeous mechanical watch to the iPhone XS series ($6,570).

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