Clicker for Netflix is a Must Have Mac App to Make Binge Watching Easier Featured

If your Netflix binge-watching machine of choice is your MacBook, you should take a good hard look at the new Clicker for Netflix app. It brings a native, app-based Netflix experience for your Mac. Your binge watching can be exclusive to a single app and can be customized just the way you like it. No need to meddle with browser tabs.

Clicker for Netflix is a feature rich app. It’s a glorified web wrapper for Netflix, but it does have many useful features and customization options. There’s a native picture-in-picture mode, a menu bar utility, Touchbar support and a dozen different customization options (in my opinion, these alone make it worth the $5 asking price).

Clicker for Netflix Mac App 1

The app itself is fast and easy to use. I found it faster than using Netflix in Safari.

Clicker for Netflix Solves Some of The Biggest Netflix Annoyances

Clicker for Netflix Mac App 4

Clicker for Netflix has a nice menu bar utility that quickly lets you jump to one of the three shows you were watching previously. One click and the app will resume from the second you left off.

Clicker for Netflix Mac App 5

Clicker’s true magic lies in the Settings pane. Here are a couple of things you can do that will make your Netflix experience less annoying.

  • Prevent trailers from auto-playing (a god sent if you ask me).
  • Prevent hover effects on video posters
  • Prevent the huge Netflix originals row from showing
  • Automatically skip the intro if available
  • Disable Skip Intro button if you like
  • Automatically advance to the next video if available
  • Pick up from where you left off when starting the app
  • Prevent the “Who’s Watching” screen from showing up every time

Should You Buy Clicker for Netflix?

Clicker for Netflix Mac App 3

Clicker for Netflix sells for $5 but right now you can get a $3 off using the code “launchpromo19”. At $2, this app is a steal. It’s fast and quite simple. Being a web wrapper, the limitations of the Netflix website still apply. For instance, you can’t stream 4K video and there is no way to manually force Netflix to stream in 1080p.

You can think of Clicker as one of those apps that’s designed to get out of its own way. Thanks to the customization options, it’s possible to resume a movie or TV show in Netflix with just one click, no wait times required. And when you do want to aimlessly scroll around on Netflix figuring out what to watch, the app will make the experience less annoying.

If you love binge-watching shows on Netflix, Clicker for Netflix is a must-have.

Download: Clicker for Netflix ($5)